Everyone knows what it's like to feel walled-in. In a world boxed in by the limitations of parents (or classrooms, or money) it's easy for a curious mind to feel under-fed. 


The Invention of Purple is targeted at children 6-8 who are just beginning to hit walls in their lives. Complete at 3500 words, it tells of the day Red came to Bluedom.


Celeste spends her days trying to break outside the walls her father built, wondering why he built them so tall. When she builds up the courage to sneak outside she finds herself lost in the White Woods - an eerie place where all the trees seem to be watching you. She asks a glowbird - a pretty but predatory creature - for help. As they wind their way deeper into darkening pines, Celeste discovers something that might change the world... if it doesn't destroy it first.


I wrote a story about colors not as a metaphor for race or politics, but rather to show others that the world is changeable, and so are we.


I’ve worked in story development for six years, for Hasbro (Transformers Prime), Berlanti Productions (Green Lantern, The Flash), and Royal Pictures (Time Lapse). I’ve been lucky enough to win some competitions (What About Peace? Poetry Competition, the Brown Book Award) and place in others (Redstone and Acclaim).