I'm a huge fan of all things funny, strange, adventurous, and whimsical, and I think a reindeer trying to catch snowflakes on its tongue fits all of the above. It gives you a much clearer image of what I'm all about than, say, a photo of me trying to look dramatic.

Besides, now you're left wondering... what if that Amelia is a reindeer?

I've spent 5 years on scripts in Hollywood. I've worked for Warner Brothers and SpecScout, Berlanti and indie feature filmmakers. As a content creator, I do development of feature films and novels. As a content manager, I handle incoming writers' content, editing it to meet current needs. I currently live in New York City and write for apps Vamonde and Spokata, and publisher Tuttle. 


I love finding a story - whether fiction or non-fiction - and finding the best way to breathe life into it.


So don't be afraid to reach out. Even if it turns out I am a reindeer - I won't bite.



-Amelia Warren

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